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How to convert a MP3-CD to plain AudioCD using your computer

To play a MP3-CD on a Audio CD only player, you will have to use a computer with a CD burner to convert the MP3 to a Audio CD format - software such as Easy CD Creator, Nero Express/Burning Rom etc. will have the ability to convert MP3 files to Audio CD format. However a 700MB CD-R disc only holds around 80 minutes of audio, and because the audio book is split into chapters they will not always fill a Audio CD exactly, so allow on average around 70 minutes.


This example uses Nero Express to convert MP3 files to Audio CD, other CD burning software should work in a similar way.

Run Nero Express, and select Music, Audio CD



Add files by dropping here.



Run a Windows Explorer window (My Computer) and open the MP3-CD, and select file and drag and drop onto the the Nero window one by one in file order..

(Note: In this example I have two CD drives (D: reader, W: writer) - If you only have one CD drive (a CD-Burner), then first copy the contents of your MP3-CD to your computers hard drive.)



Here is the first file drag'n'dropped on to the Nero window.



Repeat until the disc is full.

Here six files have been copied, and the disc is too full.

Notice the red capacity line (700MB 80 minutes CD-R) you cannot exceed this line (Yellow capacity line is for 74 minutes 650MB CD-R)



Simply select the last file, and click the "Delete" button until the line is below the capacity marker for your CD-R.



Now you have completed to almost fill the disc without over filling it.

(Make a note of the last file number so you can continue the next disc from the next file number).



Now Click the "Next" button.

Place a Blank CD-R in the CD-Burner and click the "Burn" button to start the CD-R burn process.



Once the burn has completed, label the CD with the title, author, and a sequential number using a suitable 'CD Safe' marker pen.

Repeat for all remaining files until you have burned the complete audio book onto Audio CD's.

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