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Bounty Hunters

We are very protective over the copyrights of our audio books and will do anything legal to protect our books and our authors. EXAMPLE.

We have developed special software MUIFS (multi-user individualised file server) that inserts dynamically into all our audio book files format-neutral analogue watermarks containing user IDs. (UK patent No 0029123.7; US patent No 09/770,579)

At the same time we have realised that some amount of file sharing is inevitable and even beneficial for the WEB and ourselves, especially over P2P file sharing networks.

We do not object our users making a few copies of our audio books for their relatives, friends and neighbours.

But we object strongly to someone trying to use our audio books commercially without explicit permission and an appropriate contract. If permisssion is sought to use our audiobooks (e.g. to transmit on a radio station, to donate or sell to a local library, to convert to ordinary audio CDs or audio cassettes and sell them on local markets, etc., etc.,) we will often grant such permission without fees or royalties, provided our formats (MP3 or DVD) are not used and the words are displayed prominently.

We should be very grateful to the users if they would inform us if any of our audio books appear on someone else's website online or offline in thier local shop. The first user to inform us of any significant new breach of our copyright will receive 1 year's membership FREE (usual price is $100USD p.a.).