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What is a MP3-CD ?

A MP3-CD is a CD-R disc with MP3 files of the audio book on it (supplied in a transparent cellophane CD folder).

It is either a way to access the audio book MP3 files without the hassle of purchasing and then downloading the book, or to purchase it in a medium suitable for playing using suitable devices:-

You will need either a computer with a CD or DVD Rom drive and some MP3 player software (Winamp, Windows Media Player etc.) to play it,
a MP3 Player such as a iPod and a computer so you can upload the files to it from the MP3-CD.
A device capable of playing MP3 from a CD such as portable MP3-CD player, Car MP3 CD Players or a MP3 capable Hi-Fi CD player, or a DVD player that support the playback of MP3 on CD. *

* However we cannot guarantee that your MP3-CD player will work with our CD - as we cannot test every device.


Here is a Windows Explorer view of a MP3-CD.

Windows Explorer view of a MP3-CD


If you have a MP3 player then you can simply upload the contents of the CD to your MP3 player, or if MP3-CD player then simply insert the MP3-CD in to it - you don't need to do anything more.

However if the only non computer way to listen to the audio book is on a standard Audio CD player and if your computer has a CD burner then this is a guide to 'burn' Audio CD's from these MP3 files (either from the MP3-CD or from the downloaded files) using the CD burning software such as Nero Express.

How to convert a MP3-CD to plain AudioCD using your computer.


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