The "MP3 PARTY"- new UK political party


MP3 PARTY is not a discussion club for like-minded intellectuals!
MP3 PARTY is a very beginning of a proactive and practical organization that is planning to take power in the United Kingdom.

Some of us are not very liberal, many are not very green. Generally, we are not especially nice and several are outright dangerous. We all have different ideas and beliefs. We will sort what is right and what is wrong on the way, but first let get things rolling, pots boiling, sausages sizzling....
Let us became a Power, after that we would have plenty of time for intellectual discussions, arguments and "bondings".

If you feel being a part of "mp3-generation" join us now ! Let kick some shit together!

Ruslan G. Fedorovsky (temporary Leader)

So far we have done the following:

  1. After lots of difficulties, we have registered "MP3 PARTY" with the UK Electoral Commission (registration number RPP329359).
  2. Got initial worldwide publicity.
  3. Commissioned philosopho-cybernetic research to the group of mathematicians of Voronezh University. This research will be the cornerstone of party Manifesto.
  4. Registered 2 domain names and

Now, we need to:

  1. Find someone to be "Electoral Officer" and "Donations Officer".
  2. Write mathematical, historical and economical background for our Manifesto.
  3. Get membership fees system going.
  4. Compile and print out Manifesto, Constitution and "MP3 PARTY BIBLE".
  5. Find good, ambitious rock-group in order to produce "MP3 PARTY ANTHEM" and try to get it up into the UK charts generating another wave of publicity for MP3 PARTY and for this group.
  6. Find and agree a temporary headquarters (e.g. pub, bar or jim) for regular monthly meetings.

If anyone from the UK would like to take part or even became one of Party Officials please e-mail us on the usual ToUs@AudioBooksForFree.Com

We will have a great fun and perhaps even get somewhere interesting with this project.

  1. Theoretical math's background to the Manifesto (not ready);
  2. Manifesto;
  3. Constitution;
  4. Slogans;

  5. Party registration documents/forms;
  6. Party structure/officials;
  7. Planed actions;
  8. Planed elections;
  9. Press;

  10. Membership;
  11. Donations;
  12. Other support/help;

  13. Forums/chartroom;
  14. Contact;
  15. Links;