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E Nesbit Story of the Amulet
This is the 3rd book of magical adventures of 4 children from "The Five Children and IT" and "The Phoenix and The Carpet". Pretty good but a little bit messy in our opinion....
Female NarratorFemale Author
George MacDonald At the Back of the North Wind
Haunting story of Diamond and his adventures with the mysterious North Wind...
Male NarratorMale Author
Edmund Spenser Faerie Queene
The Knights and their Squires, Witches and Magicians, Dragon, Dwarfs, Enchantments and Monsters. A prose version of the famous epic poem....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
E Nesbit Phoenix and The Carpet
Five Children got Phoenix and the Magic Carpet....
Female NarratorFemale Author
Frank Baum OZ 07 - Patchwork Girl of Oz
Dorothy, Scarecrow and Patchwork Girl try to help manchking boy Jo-Jo to free his uncle....
Female NarratorMale Author
Frank Baum OZ 06 - Emerald City of OZ
Dorothy hurries to the Emerald City to ask Osma, the Royal Ruler, if Aunt Em and Uncle Henry could come and live in Oz. Meanwhile Nome King is planning terrible invasion....
Female NarratorMale Author
Frank Baum OZ 14 - Tik-Tok of OZ
Tik-Tok goes to war as the private in Ann Soforth's army. Ann has set out to conquer the world, but change her plans to help the Shaggy Man rescue his brother from the Nome King. ...
Female NarratorMale Author
Frank Baum OZ 16 - Rinkitink in OZ
Rinkitink, Bilbil, and the Prince of Pingaree, Inga, escape capture and with the help of three magic pearls they set out to rescue the Pingareeans and Inga's father and mother....
Female NarratorMale Author
Frank Baum OZ 17 - The Lost Princess of Oz
As soon as it is discovered that the ruler of Oz is lost and with her all the important magical instruments in Oz. Search parties, one for each of the four countries of Oz, set out to find her. ...
Female NarratorMale Author
Marion St John Webb Knock Three Times
Very good children's book. If you like Narnia this is one for you....
Male NarratorFemale Author
E Nesbit Five Children and It
Psammead is the sand-fairy that could grant a wish a day. Generations of children have come to love the fantasy and the whimsy of the stories from the author of The Railway Children...
Female NarratorFemale Author
George MacDonald Princess and Curdie
A sequel to "The Princess and the Goblin"....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Frank Baum OZ 15 - Scarecrow of OZ
In Jinxland Trot, Captain Bill and Button-Bright engaged in a dangerous and deadly encounter with a powerful witch who is helping the king in his cruel plan to marry his daughter to someone she does not love....
Female NarratorMale Author
Marion St John Webb Little Round House
Strange fairytale adventures inside the British post box....
Female NarratorFemale Author
Frank Baum OZ 18 - The Tin Woodman of Oz
When Woot the Wanderer wanders into the castle of the Tin Woodman, he meets the Scarecrow there. The Tin Woodman tells the story of how he had been a flesh-and-blood woodman in love with a maiden named Nimmie Aimee. Woot suggests that it is his duty to find Nimmie Aimee and make her Empress of the Winkies. The Scarecrow agrees, so they set off to search for the girl....
Female NarratorMale Author
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