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Joseph Conrad Youth
funny and powerful marine adventure from The Master of English literature...
Male NarratorMale Author
Mark Twain Tom Sawyer Detective
Tom Sawyer solves a gruesome murder...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Jack London Smoke Bellew 01 - The Taste of the Meat
Kit Bellew embarks on his first Alaskan adventure...
Male NarratorMale Author
R E Raspe Baron Munchausen
Classic adventure of unashameble but loveable liar....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurderIndependent Production
Nikolai Gogol Christmas Eve
Supernatural and humours Ukrainian fairytale...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland
This is the children's classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...
Male NarratorMale Author
Mark Twain Tom Sawyer Abroad
Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Jim are kidnapped by the crazed inventor of an experimental airship. Soon they are flying into the dangers of lions, gun-toting desert tribes, lethal sandstorms, and hostile armies......
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurderRacially Offensive Terms
Edgar Rice Burroughs Beasts of Tarzan
3rd Tarzan book...
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Jonathan Swift Gullivers Travels 1 - A Voyage to Lilliput
The first book of Gulliver Travels...
Male NarratorMale Author
Lewis Carroll Alice-Through The Looking Glass
This is the children's classic Alice Through the Looking Glass...
Male NarratorMale Author
Arkady Gaidar Timur and his Gang
Very famous and very good soviet children adventure book, this is a must for anyone trying to understand modern Russia...
Female NarratorMale Author
Jonathan Swift Gullivers Travels 2 - A Voyage to Brobdingnag
The second book of Gulliver's Travels...
Male NarratorMale Author
Alexander Green Scarlet Sails
Very poetic modern love fairytale story for children...
Female NarratorMale Author
Jack London Call of the Wild
Adventures of Californian dog Buck in the Klondike Gold Rush....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Arthur Conan Doyle Maracot Deep
A famous scientist, a young research zoologist, an American engineer, descend to the murky depths of the ocean. There, Horror rising from a black abyss severs their lifelines. As guest-prisoners they taste the desperate, dangerous life of a strange underwater community....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
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