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Bram Stoker Dracula
The original story is more terrifying than any movie....
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Bram Stoker Dracula
The original story is more terrifying than any movie....
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Mary Shelley Frankenstein
Doctor Frankenstein creates very ugly and consequently unhappy and dangerous monster....
Male NarratorFemale AuthorMurder
Price Warung Liberation of the First Three
Grim Australian horror...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
M R James Lost Hearts
Murdered children get even...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Herbert Jenkins Malcolm Sage Detective
Record thrilling and mysterious cases with which the great investigator was associated...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Karel Capek Oplatkas End
Very short but very interesting story from the Tales From Two Pockets....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Edgar Rice Burroughs Princess Of Mars
John Carter found himself a captive of the savage green men of Thark...
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Wilkie Collins Terribly Strange Bed
Terrifying adventures in a shady Parisian gambling house....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Louisa May Alcott V V or Plots and Counterplots
Spellbinding tales of intrigue and suspense, violence and evil, jealousy and revenge...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
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