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C S Evans Reynard The Fox
Bloodthirsty adventures of the Reynard the Fox....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
A Mere Man Domestic Blunders of Women
Originally published in 1899, this book provoked a general uprising (from both sexes) in strenuous defence of their position and capacities. Bold, unsparing and witty attack on woman's stronghold in the home. Not-Politically-Correct but very Humoristic....
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridged
Agatha Christie Mysterious Affair at Styles
First book with Hercule Poirot-private detective...
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Albert Smith Natural History of Stuck-Up People
Humoristic pamphlet about the Nourishes...
Male NarratorMale Author
Alexander Pope Rape of the Lock
Famous ironic poem...
Female NarratorMale Author
Alphonse Daudet Pope's Mule
Male NarratorMale Author
anonymous author Rime Of the Ancient Mariner PARODY
This is a parody to the Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. Very GOOD. LOL!...
Male NarratorMale Author
Arnold Bennett Umbrella
Funny misunderstanding about an umbrella...
Male NarratorMale Author
Brett Harte Stolen Cigar-Case
Probably the best parody of Sherlock Holmes ever written...
Male NarratorMale Author
Charles and Mary Lamb Comedy of Errors
Famous Shakespearian play retold for children...
Male NarratorMale AuthorIndependent Production
Charles and Mary Lamb Taming of the Shrew
Famous Shakespearian play retold for children...
Male NarratorMale AuthorIndependent Production
Charles De Coster Tyl Ulenspiegel
The Legend of the glorious adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel in the Land of Flanders and elsewhere. As an envisagement of the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition this very anti-Catholic book is probably without parallel....
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers
Very funny. Widely regarded as the most famous of all pre-Victorian novels....
Male NarratorMale Author
Charles Dudley Warner How I Killed a Bear
Good hunting story, It is supposed to be humorous....
Male NarratorMale Author
Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Poe-King Pest
Funny horror...
Male NarratorMale Author
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