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Jules Verne Children of Captain Grant
In non-English speaking countries this is most known Jules Verne's book and it is probably his best book, full of adventures and humour....
Male NarratorMale Author
E Nesbit Story of the Amulet
This is the 3rd book of magical adventures of 4 children from "The Five Children and IT" and "The Phoenix and The Carpet". Pretty good but a little bit messy in our opinion....
Female NarratorFemale Author
Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn
Further adventures of Tom Sawyer's best friend Huck....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Jack London White Fang
Adventures of half-dog and half-wolf White Fang in Alaska....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Jules Verne Around the World in 80 days
To win a bet, Phileas Fogg decides to prove it possible to travel around the world in 80 days. He and his servant, Passepartout, set off on the most exciting adventure of their lives....
Male NarratorMale Author
E Nesbit Phoenix and The Carpet
Five Children got Phoenix and the Magic Carpet....
Female NarratorFemale Author
Alexandre Beliaev Amphibian Man
Early sci-fi adventure about man who has been modified so he can breathe underwater...
Male NarratorMale Author
E Nesbit Five Children and It
Psammead is the sand-fairy that could grant a wish a day. Generations of children have come to love the fantasy and the whimsy of the stories from the author of The Railway Children...
Female NarratorFemale Author
Julian Hawthorne Golden Fleece
Amusing early sci-fi...
Male NarratorMale Author
Jack London Call of the Wild
Adventures of Californian dog Buck in the Klondike Gold Rush....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Clarence Mulford Hopalong Cassidy
You can be sure that Hopalong defends what is his...
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedStrong LanguageMurder
Owen Wister Virginian
Novel that established the conventions of the western...
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Jack London Scarlet Plague
Deadly virus epidemic destroyed human civilisation. Early Sci-Fi from The Master Storyteller....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Jack London Smoke Bellew 12 - Wonder of Woman
Smoke and Shorty captured by Indians...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Mark Twain Tom Sawyer Detective
Tom Sawyer solves a gruesome murder...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
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