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"Titanic Tragedy"
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Approx. 1h 30m. Abridged
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English -US
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridged
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"...You've Seen The Movie, Now Hear The Newspaper Accounts Taken directly from newspaper reports in 1912, this audio brings to life the sinking of the magnificent liner. Put yourself in 1912 and experience the disaster first hand. Re-live the trauma WITH the people of New York as they await the fatal conclusion. Hear how: The first news reports told ONLY of an iceberg hitting the TITANIC. The White Star Line refused to admit that the TITANIC could sink even as the ship lay on the bottom of the ocean. The people of New York were lead to believe that many more survivors were aboard other rescue ships. It was an entire day before the real truth and the scope of the disaster became known. 30% of all survivors were crew members. Captain Smith had a history of naval mishaps...."