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G K Chesterton

GILBERT KEITH CHESTERTON was born at Campden Hill, London on 29th May 1874. He was educated at St Paul's school (where he started a magazine, The Debater) and the Slade School of Art. He married in 1901 and produced two volumes of verse. In 1904 he wrote The Napoleon of Notting Hill and followed this with studies of Dickens (1906) and Robert Browning (1909). He then wrote two works reflecting his religious and social beliefs and in 1911 the first in a series of detective stories, The Innocence of Father Brown, was published. In 1916 he took over the editorship of the New Witness from his brother and in 1922 was received into the Roman Catholic Church by his friend Father O'Connor, the original of 'Father Brown'. In the course of a busy life, he produced over 100 volumes, including various religious writings, poetry and essays as well as illustrating the novels of his friend, Hilaire Belloc. When he died in 1936, Chesterton was widely recognised as a stout, absent-minded and friendly character with a tremendous sense of fun, who was one of the most popular writers of the time.

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