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"Feel Great Be Beautiful Over 40"
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Approx. 2h 45m. Abridged
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English -US
Female Narrator. Female Author. Abridged.
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"...According to international beauty, health and fitness advocate Lillian Muller, she looks and feel better and is healthier and happier today at 43 yeas old than when she was in her twenties. Lillian knows that others can feel better over forty as well, so she has painstakingly chronicled her insights and strategies for a long and vital life in this handbook for good living. Years of personal research have illuminated Lillian's path to optimal living, and Feel Great, Be Beautiful Over 40 is filled with tips on diet, exercise and beauty that she has developed along the way. Written with warmth and wit, this is a book for all who are interested in getting the most out of life. Norwegian born Lillian Muller is a European film star and the woman Vie magazine crowned "The most beautiful 40 year-old in the World". She began modelling at the age of eighteen and was featured as a Playboy centrefold which led her to be chosen Playmate of the Year in 1976. In all, she has appeared on Playboy's cover six times and in its pages a record 27 times...."