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"Beasts of Tarzan"
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Approx. 3h 0m. Abridged
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English -US
Male Narrator. Male Author. Abridged. Murder.
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"...Danger, Deceit, and Despair plague Lord and Lady Greystroke - alias Tarzan and his wife Jane - in the third Edgar Rice Burroughs' thrilling adventure series. When arch villain Nikolas Rokoff escapes to wreak his twisted vengeance on the ape-man, he targets his enemy's only weakness: his family. Stealing his infant son, Jack, from his carriage, the diabolical Russian lures Tarzan and, inadvertently, Jane into his deadly web. Tarzan is trapped in an unknown tropical jungle, but he gathers a fierce, unlikely pack of savage companions to help him find his son in time to save him from a hideous fate.

And Jane?... Learn her terrifying fete as well in THE BEASTS OF TARZAN

#3 in the Tarzan Series..."