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"Confessions of A Crashed Charismatic"
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Approx. 1h 0m. Unabridged
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English -UK
Male Narrator. Male Author. Independent Production.
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"...This account forms a study in mental breakdown. Based on a true story, here are described the diverse pressures that led to a young man's hospitalisation. The assaults of an over-authoritarian Pentecostal Church, 'cult-like' in its demands, and 'brainwashing' in its power, are combined with the persecution of a domineering father, obsessed with his son's success and bitterly opposed to his faith. Couple these with the demand for celibacy before marriage, even in the mind, and consequent sexual repression, guilt and overload; then add a painful experience of unrequited love. Mix in the pressures of study and solitude, and you have a cocktail leading to religious mania. The outcome was appalling. This story is salutary...."