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Narrator: Silas Hawkins

SILAS HAWKINS is an exceptionally versatile character actor/voiceover. He has over 30 stage
credits including Shakespeare, Chekhov and Ibsen. He has provided over seventy character
voices for a variety of different projects- many of them ANIMATIONS - including several
in a foreign language spoken in a foreign accent - (e.g. Spanish in a Russian accent).

CHARACTERS include: the Reverend Davros (a Dalek vicar),the Frog Prince
(frogs something of a speciality),Jazz Cow (a cool bovine saxophonist)*,Dimitri(the caring
face of the Russian Mafia),Boris(a giant Scots stag beetle),a quadrilingual Soothsayer,
Professor P.Tentious-Twitt (an expert on the Smegmitic Languages of Southern Aphasia),
Mr.Weizkopf (a retired Jewish super villain with a flaming green skull),
a psychotic Ear-Fetishist, Stu Pidman (the world's most irritating D.J.)
and Lord Uppolshyte (a Bela Lugosi-style vampire).

The pre-school, stop-frame animation 'SUMMERTON MILL', for which Silas provided all
the voices, was commissioned in May 2004 for a series of thirteen 4-minute episodes
on the BBC (CBeebies) show TIKKABILLA (he will remain the sole voice artist on this project).
It is scheduled for transmission in Autumn 2005. SEE: < >

He recently played several parts (most notably that of Bob, the genetically-modified
watchdog) in the 24-minute, Sci-Fi, animated film 'ROGUE FARM'
(budget 50,000) - which was broadcast on ITV 1 SCOTLAND and GRAMPIAN TV1
in the Autumn of 2004 and subsequently NOMINATED FOR A SCOTTISH B.A.F.T.A.

His 'straight' voice is to be found extolling the delights of
Quality Harrow Hotel in the hotel's 'hold' message (recording by Chiswick studios of
Success on Hold, Europe Ltd.) and he is currently recording a series of talking books
for - projects involving a myriad character voices.

His talents are inherited from his father, PETER HAWKINS, creator of the voices of
the original Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, Captain Pugwash, and many other
classics from the golden age of children's T.V.

*A series of 12 episodes of 'JAZZ COW' is currently in the pipeline
- see < >

Quirky Motion are also in the process of animating a pilot for 'FIVE POUND MONKEY',
featuring Silas as the voices of dastardly toy snake SKANKY MALANKY and the eponymous,
gullible toy MONKEY.

'Five Pound Monkey' is written by Martin Day, and, with considerable interest from the BBC,
looks set to become a children's TV classic.

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