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Production company: Alec Reid Recordings


combines creative and corporate work across a range of media. At nineteen, he became a studio manager with BBC radio and at twenty-one broadcast as an art critic. Three years later, he was responsible for relaying to Europe the pictures of the first moon walk. After a brief spell with "Late Night Line-Up", it was but a short step to Radios 1 & 2, producing "Night Ride". There, he discovered and gave first broadcasts to many bands, including Genesis and Lindisfarne. The Genesis session has recently been released as part of a set of compilation CDs.

Eventually, in addition to being editor/producer of Radio 4's "With Great Pleasure" and "Time for Verse", he became a respected radio documentary/feature maker. At one point, this involved spending a week with the Foreign Legion! He escaped from that to a new life as an award winning radio drama director.

Whilst running the radio side of the BBC's Corporate Promotions Unit, he wrote and directed a series of fifteen promotions for Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones, extolling the BBC's value for money. He also wrote and directed videos.

Throughout his time with the BBC he maintained a constant flow of freelance work. Initially clad in a maroon velvet jacket for the poetry circuit, he grew up to write and direct two musicals for radio, "Misrule" starring Max Wall and "Gilgamesh" with Ian Holm. He ran a record company, producing and engineering everything from brass bands to a poetry and music anthology. The latter gained an A1 rating from "Hi-Fi News".

Publications include two anthologies based on "With Great Pleasure", magazine articles and poems in "The Sunday Times". He has directed at the Bristol Old Vic, the Arts theatre and the Old Red Lion in Islington.

Since leaving the BBC, Alec has developed a niche adapting television and film soundtracks for audio release. This has involved writing and directing narrations, sometimes in character - for Clegg in "Last of the Summer Wine", for the downtrodden Richard in "Keeping Up Appearances" and for Norman Wisdom. For "Inspector Morse" and "Kavanagh QC", the narration was more of a novelisation. He has written and produced a new 'Thomas the Tank Engine' story. During one week in '97, Alec's productions were the top three in the W. H. Smith's spoken word charts. His production for the BBC of "Diana: A Tribute" won the 1998 Audie award in the States for Original Work. He recently wrote and produced for the BBC a double CD tribute to the Queen Mother. Most recently he produced the complete works of Sherlock Holmes for

At present, Alec has a script for a new musical going the rounds of theatrical managements. As far as his family is concerned, however, he has finally arrived in the business, as a regular guest director of "The Archers".

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