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Triple Kalashnikov Girls

Triple Kalashnikov Girls



London, 14-Mar-2005

British No1 online audiobook publishers AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF), have appointed a winning trio of Russian glamour models to be used in marketing the controversial mp3 portable jukebox "AK-MP3" built-into an ammunition clip of a Kalashnikov automatic rifle.

"100 top Russian models competed in a grilling contest to become the next Kalashnikov Girl." said the partner behind ABFF, ex-rock-star-turn-advertising-tycoon Andrey Koltakov (BONIFACIY). "But the standard of contestants was so high that we decided to appoint not just one but three."
"It is my experience that three girls will be three times more effective than just one in promoting our mp3 player."

But not everyone in the company is so upbeat and optimistic.
"I was ring-fencing the necessary funds for upgrading our AK-MP3 player from 20GB to 40GB and for incorporating internet P2P radio." complained CTO Peter Morris. "But as usual, our directors spent almost all of it on the semi-naked girls instead. We will probably have lots of complaints, instead of serious commercial exposure".

"Two years ago, when we unveiled AK-MP3 with our first original Kalashnikov Girl, we experienced a level of complaints from American Feminists" admitted CEO Ruslan Fedorovsky. "But we have managed to reassure and persuade them. Now they share our beliefs that a woman with an AK-47 is very much empowered and cannot possibly be exploited or put upon in any way."
"But to be 100% sure, this time, we have found for our Triple Kalashnikov Girls the most up-to-date, most modern, most powerful Kalashnikovs we could get hold of."


Being a Kalashnikov Girl is not easy. A tightly packed schedule of photo-shoots, filmings, pop-music-recordings and charitable appearances has already been laid down for the Triple Kalashnikov Girls throughout 2005.

ABFF is the No1 UK and European online audiobook publisher.
ABFF is the No1 world BULK audiobook publisher.

AK-MP3 player built into the body of the ammunition clip of a Kalashnikov automatic rifle.
The player can be used on its own or it can be attached to a Kalashnikov automatic rifle instead of the ordinary ammunition clip.
The "AK-MP3 Jukebox" comes with 20GB storage capable of holding up to 9000 songs or 3000 hours of mp3 audiobooks.


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