The MP3 Party
(proposal only)


We, UK citizens, are setting up this new party with the aim of improving and modernising the political, economic, legal and intellectual system of the United Kingdom. Also to protect and promote the interests and ideas of the mp3-generation worldwide.

Our party is based on the new philosopho-cybernetic theory to be known as "uprostism" that applies the mathematical theory of "complex systems" to the political/economic/legal and other aspects of modern society.

Basic principal of "Uprostism"
1. It is a mathematical fact that very complex systems have certain limits after which any increase in complexity makes this system exponentially less efficient.

2. The above conclusion is true for any system: mathematical, molecular, mechanical, atomic, etc.

3. It should be universal also to other social systems: economical, political, legal etc.

4. Therefore those systems need to be constantly, significantly and forcefully simplified in order to raise their level of functionality and efficiency.


The MP3 PARTY in the UK will make its topmost task to work for and support a significant and revolutionary simplification of the UK economic, political and legal system.



Here are some of our political ideas:
1. We will create a new ministry "Commissariat for Simplification" with the overriding task of finding a way to simplify and get rid of unnecessary or not essential laws and regulations as a matter of top urgency and priority.

2. We will ban qualified lawyers from being elected to Parliament or local government.

3. The House of Lords will be replaced by a second chamber compiled every 5 years using qualified methods. Candidates and existing members of this second chamber (or Senate) will have to pass rigorous and thorough exams and IQ tests to become or remain Senators.

4. Companies will be strictly banned from political donations or any form of direct or indirect political lobbying. Instead, companies will receive a number of votes proportionate to the corporate income tax paid to the Government. This will allow companies to influence UK politics openly and directly.







Law and Order

1. Allow Person Services to send long term prisoners to other countries (e.g. Russia) to serve their full sentences in specially adapted, approved and regularly inspected local prisons. This will significantly (10-30 times) minimise cost of the Prison Services.

2. Introduce simple and stable Criminal Code (a list of predefined penalties for different crimes).

3. Conduct immediate referendum to reintroduce the Death Penalty for especially heinous crimes, particularly the murder of Children.


Here we will make one rare exception from our fundamental principal that the Government should not meddle in the Economy.
1. Any new housing development, beside the usual utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone), should be provided with broadband (cable, ADSL or fibreoptic) connection.

2. The Government should provide significant subsidies and tax-breaks in order to provide a free or significantly subsidised broadband connection to every household in the UK.


1. The UK should replace its present immigration policy with a system of qualified annual quotas.

2. All Immigrants should within first year undertake and successfully pass 3 exams: English, British Literature and British History.


Higher Education
Universities and graduatesare amongthe most precious assets of and a backbone of any nation.
A Country should value and unreservedly nurture higher education, because even though the majority of the population does not benefit directly, indirect benefits are immense.
1. Scrap any kind of University fees.

2. Reintroduce equal and universal student grants, perhaps dependent on academic success.

3. Require Universities to introduce vigorous competitive entrance exams that would be the main criteria (and not a school results) to get accepted into the University.


Technological, economic and scientific progress is only a base for long term environmental solutions.

We need to stop talking about abstract, hypothetical and global problems like "global warming" and "green forest" and start on more immediate and specific, short term cleaning up in the UK. One specific target at the time.

1. Clean up UK rivers to be safe enough for people to swim in.

And only after that task is fully and irreversibly accomplished

2. Start to clean up UK beaches.

"Green Taoism, not green Maoism"


Foreign Policy
1. Total and unreserved neutrality.

2. Abolish E.C.G.D. (Export Credit Governemant Department)


The MP3 PARTY approves and supports the British Monarchy provided it does not give anyone any financial, constitutional, legal or any other unfair advantages or exclusive rights.

Moreover, we would allow anyone to adopt any "royal" title (e.g. tzar, king, super-king, shah, emperor, sultan, procurator, etc. etc.) provided this title is not taken already and at least 100 UK citizens agree to be his/her "subjects".








Genetic research