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Mark Twain 1000000 Pounds Banknote
Humorous story of American stuck in London with only 1,000,000UKP!...
Male NarratorMale Author
Alexandre Beliaev Amphibian Man
Early sci-fi adventure about man who has been modified so he can breathe underwater...
Male NarratorMale Author
H Rider Haggard Benita
African adventure story of a search for treasure hidden in The Place of The Dead guarded by African tribe....
Female NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Louis L'Amour Black Rock Coffin Makers
Tale of suspense and danger: chases; shootouts; double-crosses and posses; all for the XV ranch....
Male NarratorMale AuthorStrong LanguageMurder
Prosper Merimee Blue Room
Something terrible was happening in the next room and the mademoiselle and her cavalier found themselves in a horrifying predicament....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Edgar Wallace Bones Of The River 04 - A Nice Gel
Hilarious and terrifying adventures of Lieutenant Tibbetts also known as BONES to his friends and as THE LORD TIBBETTI to African tribes ...
Male NarratorMale Author
Oscar Wilde Canterville Ghost
Old British Ghost confronted new American owners of the Canterville...
Male NarratorMale Author
A T Quiller-Couch Dead Mans Rock
The Quest of The Great Ruby..romance, pirates, treasures and adventures in the vein of Stevenson's Treasure Island...
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
E W Hornung Dead Men Tell No Tales
Boat loaded with gunpowder, fire at sea, the only one survivor.....but everything is not so simple.......
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Bram Stoker Dracula
The original story is more terrifying than any movie....
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Bram Stoker Dracula
The original story is more terrifying than any movie....
Male NarratorMale AuthorAbridgedMurder
Theophile Gautier Dreamland Bride
The strange story of the Monk and Clarimonde - most beautiful in all the world....
Male NarratorMale AuthorMurder
Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Poe-Island of Fay
Short story...
Male NarratorMale Author
Edgar Allan Poe EdgarPoe-Raven
Famous poem by the grand-father of horrors...
Male NarratorMale Author
Lord Tennison Enoch Arden
Famous poem...
Male NarratorMale AuthorIndependent Production
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