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Fiction -> Adventures -> Aviation adventure (10)

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"Horror of the Heights" by "Arthur Conan Doyle" Next Navigate Play time 1 hour .
Short Sci-Fi, aviation adventures. .....Somewhat out-of-date now.
Info: Male Narrator. Male Author. Murder.

"EdgarPoe-Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall" by "Edgar Allan Poe" Next Navigate Play time 2 hours 30 minutes.
Travel to the Moon by the hot air balloon. With interesting ironic twist.
Info: Male Narrator. Male Author.

"Three Go Back" by "J Leslie Mitchell" Next Navigate Play time 6 hours .
Early sci-fi. American peace protester, British armaments manufacturer and fashionable lady-author got into the pre-historic Atlantida
Info: Female Narrator. Female Author. Murder.

"Hearts of Three" by "Jack London" Next Navigate Play time 13 hours 15 minutes.
The best adventures book of Jack London.
Info: Male Narrator. Male Author. Murder.

"Mr Papingay's Flying Shop" by "Marion St John Webb" Next Navigate Play time 4 hours .
Strange fairytale
Info: Female Narrator. Female Author.

"Tom Sawyer Abroad" by "Mark Twain" Next Navigate Play time 3 hours .
Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Jim are kidnapped by the crazed inventor of an experimental airship. Soon they are flying into the dangers of lions, gun-toting desert tribes, lethal sandstorms, and hostile armies...
Info: Male Narrator. Male Author. Murder. Racially Offensive Terms.

"Baron Munchausen" by "R E Raspe" Next Navigate Play time 2 hours 15 minutes.
Classic adventure of unashameble but loveable liar.
Info: Male Narrator. Male Author. Murder. Independent Production.

"Passions Of Howard Hughes" by "Terry Moore and Jerry Rivers" Next Navigate Play time 3 hours .
Steamy true story that reads like a novel
Info: Female Narrator. Female Author. Abridged.

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