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AudioBooksForFree.com's MP3 Player Tests

The following is a summary linking MP3 Portable Plays we have tested.  However, be sure to test as much as possible yourself before buying. 

We can whole heartedly recommend you view the new ARCHOS HDD-MP3 Portable Player which we have on SPECIAL OFFER for US$500 and includes our best audiobooks pre-loaded.  

If you buy it from AudioBooksForFree.com, we will upload 6 GB of our best audiobooks for you.  In 24 Kbps format, this will give you 500 hours of audiobooks to listen to.  It would take a minimum of 50 hours to download the same amount if you already have ADSL/Cable connection and 275 hours using 56k dialup modem.

Other Suitable MP3s for Audio Books

Unsuitable MP3s for Audio Books

Diamond Rio 500 (Firmware 2.12)

jazPiper MV32P

Samsung Yepp-E64 Jukebox 6000
Pine D'Music MP3 Player Model SM-320V MP3 Man F20
Pine D'Music MP3 FM Voice Recorder Model SM-320F Sony MS-Walkman MW-MS7 (not strictly a MP3 player)
jazPiper MVR64
Vionic MP10-62SV
Pontis 503/504