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Basic Summary of Recording Media Players - For Windows OS

K-Jofol 0.51 - 1391k

K-Jofol is one of the fastest MP3 Players.  It is built from the MPG 123 code, which sounds really good.  It can play MP3, VQF and AAC files encoded with Astrid encoder (see AAC section).  Those AAC files are really great; they sound better than MP3 at the same bitrate and are seekable.  The 0.5 version is the first Player able to play VQF without any external .dll.

Sonique 1.808 - 2310k

Sonique comes with its very good MPEG decoding engine, which delivers a better sound than other Players.  The interface is very good and it accepts visualisation plug-ins.  It is very far from conventional windows, very well designed and animated everywhere.  Also supports WMF.

WinAmp 2.7 - 487k

WinAmp is to my mind a good Player.  Its interface is nice and it accepts many plug-ins.  It is able to play almost any music format you want using various plug-ins.

Winplay3 2.3 - 807k

Winplay3 was the first MP3 Player.  It doesn't offer seeking or any kind of visualisation, plug-in, or whatever else, but it's the only one working under Windows 3.1 and can work even on an old 486dx computer.

Windows Media Player 6

WPlay is a very fast Player based on Xaudio engine.  It can deal with skins, plug-ins and can be used as a frontend for the DOS L3enc encoder (but now, who is still using this encoder?).

Windows Media Player 7

Supplied as standard with Windows Millennium (Me).  Same as Windows Media Player 6, but with bells and whistles (audio visual animations and player skin support).  Needs a powerful PC for the AV effects.


Rare and simple Player with very good audio quality.


MacAmp 1.0b7 - 720k

MacAmp is, by all accounts, the best MAC MP3 Player.  It now offers skin changing and plug-ins.  This version comes with the new Xaudio decoding engine, faster than before.