"!!! Nobody messes with AudioBooksForFree.Com !!!"

British company AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) is very pleased to announce that, following 24 hours ultimatum, Canadian/Russian immigration website "Artefax" has promptly removed all unauthorised links to AudioBooksForFree's MP3 files.



"…We are very satisfied that it took only modest show of force to persuade Artefax to comply with all our demands…..Nobody messes with AudioBooksForFree.Com !!!"- commented ABFF's C.O.O. Ruslan G. Fedorovsky "…We are always ready to use any means at our disposal to protect our authors and their audiobooks…"

"…We were losing almost half of our bandwidth to this popular website…"-admitted ABFF's C.T.O. Peter Morris.

"…Artefax have thought that by hosting their servers in the middle of Siberia they can safely use unauthorised material…….but for us Siberia is almost our own backyard…" laughed one of ABFF directors ex-rock-star turn radio-advertising guru Andrey Koltakov ("BONIFACIY").

They all will be toasting this small but significant victory in Dublin this February during upcoming first Vodka-Drinking World Championship.
AudioBooksForFree.Com is one of main sponsors there.

Organiser and promoter of the Championship Mr. Sergey Tarutin (also chairman of Russian Restaurants chain in Ireland TZAR IVAN http://www.TzarIvan.com) said: "…I am delighted that this potentially unpleasant dispute was resolved so promptly…. At least one of controversies surrounding the Championship been sorted out in time….".

AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) allows listeners to download audiobooks in MP3 format for FREE. It is especially beneficial for English blind commuters and trackdrivers.
Launched in April-2001 ABFF is already regularly getting close to 4,000,000 hits per month.

"Godfather", "Complete Sherlock Holmes", "Three men in a Boat", "Dracula", "Lady Chatterly's Lover" are among many thousands hours of free audiobooks.

ABFF is full voting member of APA (www.audiopub.com American Audio-Publishing Association).

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