3 July 2001


The Russian Conservative political party ‘Thatcherites of Russia’ has announced that its political operations become dormant as from today.  All the Russian assets will be distributed among party members.

The British company ‘Thatcherites of Russia Ltd.’ (reg. No 03747277) has been also dissolved.

All the British assets including the web-site domain names www.thatche.ru and www.thatcherism.ru will be passed to UK company AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF).

“…We will just look after those 2 web-sites together with our own 83 sites, but we will keep them totally independent…” - commented Ruslan Fedorovsky who was European representative of Thatcherites of Russia and now C.E.O. of ABFF - “…AudioBooksForFree.Com web-sites and audio-adverts within its free MP3 audiobooks will not be used to promote Thatcherism or any other political or religious ideology among the MP3-community…”

One of the founding fathers of ‘Thatcherites of Russia’, Mr. Sergei Tarutin, speaking from his Dublin headquarters of his new venture (first chain of Russian restaurants in Ireland ‘Tzar Ivan’ www.TzarIvan.com) reassured:

“…Thatcherism is not dead!  It is just dormant!  We are living in the times of no-ideology.  Times when upright people once again have relaxed and forgotten that good ideology is the best and only protection against always possible destruction of their values and their societies! ………  We will reactivate Thatcherism earlier next year.  It will not be just Russian, but an International movement and ideological alternative to, so called, Anti-Capitalism Protestors….”


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