Press Releases

Last And Final invitation for Press to attend first Vodka-Drinking World Championship.
7 February 2002
BBC News: "Nietzche tome on MP3"
24 January 2002
"!!! Nobody messes with AudioBooksForFree.Com !!!"
19 January 2002
First Vodka-Drinking World Championship.
1 September 2001
House-Prices will be dictated by the Telecom Companies
3 August 2001
Closure of "Thatcherites of Russia"
3 July 2001
World Wide Recall of Damaged MP3 Book Downloads
25 June 2001
Download - It's Novel and Free ( HERALD SUN)
01 June 2001
New Unorthodox Member of APA (Audio Publishers Association of America)
20 May 2001
Dot-Com's on your Night Sky
30 April 2001
Russian Oil Money is Helping English Blind Children and Motorists
12 April 2001
Russians Offer Napster a ''Safe Haven'' In Orbit (Digital 
6 March 2001
PC World
1 January 2001
AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC files the US patent application for MUIFS (Multi-User Individualised File Sender)
20 February 2001
AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC have signed a contract with The Publishing Mills (US publishing house)
5 December 2000
AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC files UK patent application for MUIFS (Multi-User Individualised File Sender)
29 November 2000
AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC has signed a contract with US audio books publishing company, B&B Audio Inc.
7 November 2000
AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC was incorporated under the Company's Act 1985 as a British Public Company
6 September 2000