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NATO Replaces The Smiling Spin Doctor

Food Agency Turns to CSIS Over Bioterrorism Fears

Competition Bureau Approves Chapters-Indigo Merger

Canadian Federal Government Hikes Cigarette Taxes

Feds Introduce ''Aggressive'' Organized Crime Bill

Jury Acquits Traveler Of Assaulting Airline Ticket Agent

NJ's Lucent Denies Bankruptcy Rumors

Strike Makes Canada Blizzard Worse

Activist Convicted in Canada

NYC's Murder Rate Down 21 Percent

* Napster Usage Drops Substantially
* A blow to Napster
* Harmony between the Music and Technology Industries?
* New York Music & Internet Expo
Russians Offer Napster a ''Safe Haven'' In Orbit

LONDON - A British company, AudioBooksForFree.Com (ABFF), founded by Russian émigré Andrey Koltakov has offered the legally-embattled, controversial American service Napster a sanctuary in Russia or in space.

"Napster has become a culture-focus and cult-phenomena for more then 10 million American teenagers," said Andrey Koltakov. "Although strictly complying with all copyright laws themselves, ABFF is very sceptical of the effectiveness of copyright protection on the Web."

"The Established Recording and Publishing Industries have desperate illusions that some form of copyright-protected format could replace MP3. Their problem is that it is impossible in principle to achieve any protection with any digital audio format. One does not need to be a 'sophisticated code-cracker' in order to brake any copyrighted music format. All that is needed is for someone to buy the download legally just once, play it on his PC and record output of his soundcard into an MP3-file. There are plenty of programs freely-available on the Web that allow you to do just that. Hey Presto, with minimum effort and without any loss of quality you have an anonymous non-protected MP3-file to put on Napster or similar systems (BearShear, Aimster, Zeezer, http://www.songspy.com, http://www.gnutella.wego.com, http://www.wippit.com, http://www.mp3easy.co.uk, etc.)." declared one of AudioBooksForFree.Com founders Andrey Koltakov.

"We can allocate hosting space for Napster servers in our co-location in Voronezh or in Moscow TeleHouse," said CTO of ABFF Peter Morris.

AudioBooksForFree.Com can also offer Napster a much more ambitious co-location option: "I have 12 years close co-operation with the Russian state-owned organisation MorSviazSputnik (MarineSatelliteCommunications). They could place Napster's server in one of their low-flying communication satellites over Europe," comments Ruslan Fedorovsky (MD, "that would definitely stop any accusations of copyright infringements by Napster."


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TORONTO, Ontario - The Bulldog Group Inc. and Javu Technologies, Inc. announced an agreement that integrates Javu’s Clip Compiler with Bulldog’s digital product management and distribution software, Bulldog Two.Seven.
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Transnational Resource and Action Center (TRAC) and its leading activist web-site are simplifying their name to CorpWatch. The move comes as the organization re-launches the CorpWatch.org website.
PBS Launches Fatal Flood Website
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - In the spring of 1927, after weeks of incessant rains, the Mississippi River went on a rampage racing south from Cairo, Illinois, inundating thousands of farms and killing as many as a thousand people.
  Napster Usage Drops Substantially
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  A blow to Napster
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  91 Million Songs Downloaded Using Napster
CAMBRIDGE - In the wake of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on Napster, Webnoize (http://www.webnoize.com), estimate...

Mon, Apr 9, 2001
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