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Wednesday 9 May 2001

Herald Sun


Publication: DHS (p304, 09-05-2001)
Section: Connect
Keywords: "Mobile (1)"

READERS who like to get their stories the hi-tech way via the Internet can now do so free. A new service, AudioBooksForFree.com, allows you to download novels as Mp3 files.

As with music pulled from services such as Napster, users can listen to cyber books on devices ranging from portable Mp3 music players to mobile phones and personal computers.

There is a catch, however.

Electronic bookworms who use the site will have to suffer advertising between chapters.

The service operators promise advertising will not exceed 5 per cent of the length of the book. Children's stories have no advertising.

Categories on offer range from science fiction to spy thrillers and horror.

"For a long time, authors have looked to the Internet as a way of escaping the grip of the publishing industry," says Andrew Moscowoy, one of several cashed-up Russian entrepreneurs behind the venture.

"Steven King has already taken the first tentative step in using the web to sell his horror novels," Moscowoy says.


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