House-Prices will be dictated by the Telecom Companies

British company AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) just have realised preliminary results of the electronic survey conducted among ABFF's 600,000+ members who have already migrated from dial-up connections to Broadband (DSL/Cable).

43% have replayed to this survey to date.

On the question "What would be your 1st priority in choosing new house/apartment ?" 83% have put "Availability of Broadband(DSL/Cable)" as their No1 criteria.

Even more surprising is that 49% have declared that they "At no circumstances would relocate to the house/apartment without Broadband(DSL/Cable) connection installed or immediately available".

"TELCOS are rolling out Broadband throughout the Europe, but there will never be an universal availability. Coverage will stay relatively patchy." predicted Ruslan Fedorovsky ABFF's founder "This will inevitably influence house-prices in affluencial areas in the totally new way and particular among young professionals."

"Internet users astonishingly quickly are getting used to Broadband advantages (e.g. latest films, music or audiobooks at the fingertips) and would not be able to subsist without it." continued Mr. Fedorovsky.

AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) allows listeners to download audiobooks in MP3 format for FREE.
AudioBooksForFree.Com finances recordings of new books by selling audio-advertising space between chapters of its books.
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Audiobooks is very popular in English-speaking countries.
In the USA 25 million regularly listen to audio-fictions. (Audio Publishers Association). But this is dwarfed by 55 million Americans who listen to internet music at home and work. (Media Metrix).

"For just 4 month, popularity of AudioBooksForFree.Com have grown from 60,000 to 300,000 visitors per week" commented astonished manager of ABFF's web-design team.

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