After an extraordinary meeting of Directors of British public company AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) with their lawyers, ABFF have announced the world-wide recall of one of its mp3-audiobooks “Down Among The Dead Men” (by Michael Hartland).

Corrected version of this audiobook could be downloaded from all ABFF’s 74 websites (www.AudioBooksForFree.Com, www.AudioBookForFree.Com,, etc.) for FREE.

Parents are strongly recommended to check their children’s Hard-Drives and remove corrupted version.

All corrupted chapter-files have filenames with “…._27.mp3” at the end.

(e.g. “AudioBookForFreeCom  Down Among Dead Men 01_27.mp3”)

Corrected files should have filenames ending with “…._38.mp3”.

(e.g. “AudioBookForFreeCom  Down Among Dead Men 03_38.mp3”)


Audiobooks is very popular in English-speaking countries.  In the USA, 25 million regularly listen to audio-fictions (Audio Publishers Association).  But this is dwarfed by 55 million Americans who listen to internet music at home and work (Media Metrix).

“In just 3 months, popularity of AudioBooksForFree.Com has grown to 60,000-100,000 visitors per week” commented astonished manager of ABFF’s web-hosters TOCHIN.COM, Thomas Chaggar.

Several established publishing companies have been trying to sell audiobook downloads over the internet, but most ignore the reality of the Web and attempt to push their own non-MP3 formats.

More realistic companies ( ,,, are offering some MP3-audiobooks as an addition to MP3-music.

Although strictly complying with all copyright laws themselves, AudioBooksForFree.Com is very sceptical of the effectiveness of copyright protection on the Web.

"The Established Recording and Publishing Industries have desperate illusions that some form of copyright-protected format could replace MP3.  Their problem is that it is impossible IN PRINCIPLE to achieve any protection with ANY digital audio format.  One does not need to be a 'sophisticated code-cracker' in order to brake ANY copyrighted music format.  All that is needed is for someone to buy the download legally just once, play it on his PC and record output of his soundcard into an MP3-file.  There are plenty of programs freely-available on the Web that allow you to do just that.  Hey Presto, with minimum effort and without any loss of quality you have an anonymous non-protected MP3-file to put on Napster or similar file-sharing P2P network (BearShare, Morpheus, winMX, audioGnome, LimeWire, Gnucleus, Napigator, Rapigator, AudioGalaxy, Aimster etc., etc., etc)." - declared one of AudioBooksForFree.Com founders Andrey Koltakov (Bonifatsi).


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