Usually New Russian money is associated with corruption and excess, fast cars and luxurious villas.  It is an open secret among the London estate agents that Russian buyers of top properties outnumber Middle-Eastern house-hunters.

But this stereotype is about to change. A new British public company AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC is launching it's first 72 web-sites today.

AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) allows listeners to download audiobooks in MP3 format for FREE.  English Blind Children and Commuters will particularly benefit from this FREE service.

Users can listen audiobooks on MP3-players, MP3-CD players, MP3-car-radios, MP3-mobile phones or on their PC's.

Listeners can also use their old tape-recorders, Walkmans and car-radios with a special MP3-player (which simulates ordinary tape) or a 'tape-adapter' supplied with many MP3 players.

AudioBooksForFree.Com finances recordings of new books by selling audio-advertising space between chapters of its book's.  Children's books are exempt from any advertising.

For a long time authors have looked to the Internet as a way of escaping the grip of the Publishing Industry.

Steven King made the first tentative step in using the Web to sell his horror-novels.

"AudioBooksForFree.Com has gone much further in developing radical ways of promoting and distributing books": comments best selling spy-fictions writer Michael Hartland.

AudioBooksForFree.Com's ambitions are not limited to audiobooks.

Special technology has been developed to deliver files with embedded individualised adverts. (UK patent application No.0029123.7)

"MUIFS (multi-user individualised file sender) will give AudioBooksForFree.Com the edge in any personalised form of advertising media: audio, video-on-demand and even WAP-broadcasting" - commented Ruslan Fedorovsky (MD).

"To provide the same service to a million users, using conventional technology, would require setting up and maintenance of tens of thousands internet servers." - commented C.T.O. Peter Morris: "To host so many computers you would need a building the size of the Kremlin or the Millennium Dome."


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