First Vodka-Drinking World Championship.

British company AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) has announced that it will be the guest-sponsor of the first Vodka-Drinking World Championship.

The Championship has been organised by and will be held in the first Russian Restaurant in Dublin "Tzar Ivan"( The Finals will take place 17 February 2002.

"…I cannot imagine a more appropriate place for such a competition than the Russian Restaurant in Ireland…" commented director of ABFF Ruslan G. Fedorovsky "…both nations are rather famous in this field…".

AudioBooksForFree.Com will not only provide financial sponsorship but also hopes that one of its directors, ex-rock star Andrei Koltakov ("Bonifatsi"), will win a place in the Russian National Team.

AudioBooksForFree.Com is also preparing for publication an English translation of "Moscow-Petushky" - a modern Russian cult bestseller written by soviet-time "vino" and homeless Veniamin Erofeev.

"…Of course we will not subject our competitors to any lethal concoctions described so vividly and with such humour by Erofeev…" reassured Tzar Ivan's manager Slava Borodin "…we will use best and purest brands and flavours of world vodkas. After all vodkas is our speciality…"

Organiser and promoter of the Championship Mr. Sergey Tarutin (the chairman of Tzar Ivan Holdings) guarantees that all stages of competition will be subject to strict medical and doping control.

"…We are even bringing over 2 officers of the Moscow Traffic-Police to be part of the jury…" commented Mr.Tarutin "…His Excellency Russian Ambassador will be chairing The Finals…".

"…Beside substantial cash-prize, overall winner will also receive very special prize: Individual Mobile Vodka Distilling Refinery produced by our Saratov factory…" continued Mr.Tarutin "…Of cause the Russian Team the favourites but the Fins, Canadians and Irish could produce some surprises…"

Tzar Ivan Holdings ( is setting up a network of Russian bistro-restaurants in Ireland and the UK. The first Russian restaurant in Dublin "Tzar Ivan" was opened 1 year ago and has already become one of favourite venues among Russian and Irish politicians and businessmen.
3 other "hunting-type" restaurants around Dublin are already in the pipeline.
Two more Tzar Ivans will be opening in Belfast at the beginning of 2003.

For more information and press accreditation contact:
Sergey Tarutin
Tel.: +353-1-6791397
fax: +353-1-6790055

AudioBooksForFree.Com PLC (ABFF) allows listeners to download audiobooks in MP3 format for FREE. It is especially beneficial for English blind children and motorists.

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Ruslan Fedorovsky
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